Tips for making great pie

* If you under cook one of your pies wrap it in foil and return it to the oven to finish cooking. This will prevent it from burning and help it to cook faster.

* To slice frozen cream or chiffon pies easier wipe a knife, and dip it into hot water between each cut.

* A heat-resistant glass pie plate or dull aluminum pan make the best pies. You should never use a shiny pan. They reflect heat and your pie will have a soggy bottom crust. Also, a nonstick pan can cause the pastry to shrink.

* Since there is a lot of fat in pastry dough there is no need to grease a pie pan.

* Unbleached flour is the best choice for crusts. It diminishes shrinking and the color will be more golden.

* The best apples for baking in the winter season are; Baldwin, Granny Smith, and, Cortland.

* The best berry pies for the winter season are, Cranberry and Strawberry

* Unless your pie was made with eggs it is best to store it at room temperature.

Hope this helps make your pies scrumptious!

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