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Featured Holiday – Christmas

CHRISTMAS: December 25th. Every year right after Thanksgiving the chaos begins. There are sales, parties, gift lists, traditions, Santa Clause…the list goes on. Of course the original purpose for this special day was not intended for all that it has become. It was really quite simple. It was to celebrate the birth of a Savior.…

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Featured Holiday – Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa begins…December 26th through January 1st. Kwanzaa which means, “first fruits of the harvest” was founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga. It is the only holiday featured this month that is non-religious. Kwanzaa is not meant to be a replacement for Christmas. It is a separate African American holiday that celebrates the African culture.…

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Featured Holiday – Hanukkah

HANUKKAH: begins…December 7th at sundown. Hanukkah, also known as the “Festival of Lights” begins on the 25th day of the Jewish calendar in the month of Kislev. It lasts for eight full days. It all began around 2,200 years ago when Antiochus IV tried to force Grecian beliefs upon all of the peoples in his…

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